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How to fix interior geometry of voronoi fracture node

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Hi there,

I'm working on my personal project and I have a little problem with the geometry and the Voronoi Fracture Node.. I'm looking around on web and try more different way, but son't find a real/good solution... or better... I want try to fix it and in the same time try to understand "what's happen".

After I destroy my model I have:

- Flip/overlapping faces


- some part is not close, why?



What I did?

I create my model from a box, create one part and then with a Copy Sop create a number of element and edit it (and with the same concept I create also frames and windows, but for now I'm working only on the wall structure) and apply the UV.





Then I copy it for a number of my floor.



isolate the part I want distroy and fracture it with a Voronoi Fracture node.






Where am I wrong? (and how to fix it?)


Thank you for your time and help



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ok, I think the problem is on the model on the short side.... now I need to fix it..

There is the vertex weld like 3dsmax in Houdini? I try to use the fuse node but not work one-by-one...



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Maybe I fix.... the problem is the position of some part and create the overlopping faces from the model so... create problem with the fracture voronoi... I continued



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