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Connectivity SOP appears to not work properly

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It was my understanding that the connectivity SOP would take polygons that share the same number would be connected.

However, this situation shows that the Connectivity SOP is not doing it's 'job.'

Any idea as to why?

If you open my HIP file, and run the sim, at frame 50, you'll see a big piece of geometry that has LARGE non-connected holes in it, yet it's all one piece.


I figured out what was wrong. 
I forgot to add a Primitive Wrangle after the Connectivity and use s@name = sprintf("piece_%d",@class); to create piece names based on the class that the Connectivity Sop creates.



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the connectivity SOP look ok for me.

Your sims do not look right because you have to switch on the "create convex hull per set of Connected prims" .

And it s work fine for me.




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