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tips for Splash tank

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I've been working on a shot with a splash tank for a while, I have it working with some collision objects and i'm wondering
if anyone has any pointers/tips to get help get it a production finished level?
The shot has been lit with an environment light and sun.
I have been trawling this and the side fx forum for anything and haven't found too much.

Is decreasing the particle separation the main way to get a realistic looking sim?
How important is increasing the Resolution Exponent?
I have struggled to even slow the speed of the water.

Any tips would be great, I'll keep testing, am currently using an old, under-powered laptop
but about to buy a new workstation which will make it easier.

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Sorry i cant help much, but here is what i came up with...  Playing around with the same, so ill keep an eye on this thread :)



Whitewater_emitter - attributes = Inherit velocity = 0.05
                                                 Radial velocity = 0.02



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