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Solver SOP: output multiple objects (volumes)?

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Hi odforce people!

Playing with the "solver" SOP, I was able to build some sort of dissolve effect (.hip file attached):

  • geometry is converted to VDB
  • each frame,
    • I'm displacing the surface and
    • boolean-intersecting the volume:


This works great but now I'd like to output not only the shrinking volume but also the "delta" volume (the boolean difference between the resulting surface and the previous frame's surface) because I want to emit particles from it.


Using a second "vdbcombine" node, I'm able to compute it but if I "merge" the volumes, they'll both be fed back into the solver loop and this creates infinite numbers of primitives after just a few frames. How can I prevent this from happening? Also, how can I split the results outside the "solver"? I tried adding group nodes and modifying the "name" attribute but can't get it running. Maybe solving the first issue will solve the second one.


Any help would be greatly appreciated!
Thanks, Hebi

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Thank you so much! I had tried the "delete" and "split" nodes but only inside or outside the solver, not both. Makes total sense now, thanks again :)

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