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Baking bread!

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I want to make a realistic bread image. I want is to simulate the CO2 gas bubbles forming in the dough to push the dough into membranes between spherical cells of air. Have tried noise in a volume vop on a vdb volume. then I dont get the walls in the cellular noise. Thinking of generating particles witch will be substituted by cloth spheres. Put I dont get the growing process correct. Checked soapbubbles too, which would be kinda correct but with no success. And I dont want to use a displacement or photo texture!

I guess its very similar to a sponge as well...

And its the final bread model I want to show, not the baking process! 

Any tips, hint, ideas??


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Yes! here is their solution... A bit advanced for me to interpret into a solution alas...

To create this airy effect we used a multi-step approach. The bread interior was a volumetric hypertexture (Perlin and Hoffert, 1989) defined using a procedural density function. The density function was made up of several layers of procedural voronoi noise. In addition, the important features -such as the position of the crust and position of the torn off face- were encoded in point clouds, which the shader used to modify the density function. The entire density function was also deformed using a texture map. The texture map was applied to the density field using a planar projection. Before evaluating the density function, the x and y positions of the current point were replaced by the value obtained from the texture map. This allowed us to compress air bubbles which were closer to the crust, then give a slight twist to the pattern of air bubbles, as often seen in real bread.

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make a full simple model. 

turn it to volume.

Do some scattering points on volume. 

Copy some sphere with noise on this points with random stamping value. 

Turn the brain to vdb.

Turn the bubbles to vdb. 

Do some vdb combine using SDF difference/SDF interrestion. 

Make some vdb filtering like erode/dilate/smooth.

Turn the result  to polygon.

Make some shadings with displacement and sss.


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