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Overscan in houdini 15.5

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According to the 15.5 release notes, there is now a builtin approach for rendering overscan:

You can now render extra “overscan” image data outside the display window in image formats that support it (for example .pic and .exr). This extra image data may be useful to other software such as Nuke.

All I can find in the docs is:

Image Overscan


Enlarges the crop region by this many pixels (horizontal and vertical amounts). If the crop region is the full image, additional pixels outside the image will be rendered.

For images that support arbitrary data windows (OpenEXR, Houdini) pixels outside the image resolution will be saved. For other image formats, the pixels will be computed but the results discarded.

I've tried adding to both my camera and my output mantra node (via 'Edit Rendering Parameters..' ), but neither seems to have had an effect.

Any one had any luck with overscan? Any suggestions?




Is actually working fine. Doesn't show up in RV. doh!



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Ben you say vm_overscan worked successfully once you had checked the output image, but I can't find any documentation about how/where to apply it. 

Could you describe how/where you applied vm_overscan, please?

Thanks, Olly : )

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