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I'm trying to mess around with orienting a particle's alignment to it's vector. Or a watered down version would be a cube on a path that follows it based on the particle's vector or velocity. Basically, orienting the particle to "speed space" if that makes sense? I tried mixing Normals and Velocity to possibly get them aligned but I'm pretty much lost. 

I took a look at @mestelahere to help me out, but I'm pretty much in over my head trying to do it in Houdini. I attached my file that is just a spinning circle with box's copied onto them. I was trying to make a simple scene where the boxes rotation matches it's vector.

So nothing too out of the ordinary, but still kind of confusing. Thanks :)!


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This is sooooo much help. Thanks again, Matt! This is an area of Houdini that I'm trying to figure out. Alignment in other packages is just a click away or "built-in" so just trying to find how to do it has been a trek.

I found somewhere either on this forum or sidefx about using the trail sop to just output velocities so that's hwy I added it. I posted that rotating circle when I should have just posted a simple particle sim. I'm more or less interested in that; having particles orient to the vector and then adding variation into that.

As a quick aside, what are you using to export your animated gifs? That would be super helpful for the forum over posting a screenshot and describing what's happening. Thanks man!

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Particles get v calculated automatically, so you would only need to add up if you're getting unstable rotations, or if you want to add different tilt and banking per particle. 

I use licecap for gifs, it's great. 



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