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Reflection on Ocean Shader FX

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Hello guys,

I'm struggling to get this sharpy reflection, even with reflection at 1 and reflection angle at 0 I still cant. 
Do you have any idea how to get them on the render ?

The 3rd picture is my ocean shader test using OceanFX. 

Any help is welcome, Thanks! 



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It seems to me like you just need a better environment. The sky you have there looks very dull, you really need a high-intensity direct light (i.e., the sun in most cases) in the right position to observe that kind of behavior. I've attached a simple Ocean FX render I did a while back, using stock shader settings but a nice HDR for lighting. To maximize this effect the sun should be relatively close to the horizon, so you'll want to go for sunrise / early afternoon and evening / sunset looks rather than midday when the sun is very high in the sky. Camera angle is important as well, remember that most materials appear more reflective at glancing angles - note in your reference image how the camera is nearly level with the water. Naturally this is something you can adjust based on the look you're after and what kind of environment you're using but it's worth keeping in mind.

I recommend investing in some good high-res HDR skies if you don't have any already. I'm personally a fan of HDR Maps because of the high resolution and option to purchase individual HDRs at a reasonable price, but there are a lot of great options out there. 


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Hello jrock, :) 

Cant thank you enough for this answer, the HDR I was using was definitely not a good one, I'll try to get a new stock of HDRI sky and try again. 
I'll be back with a new render, but it's true that the desired look I'm looking doesnt physically allows me to get these reflections!


Edit : I bought a simple really good HDRI on "whatever" website and it completely nailed it. Thank you so much :) !!!

PS : if you have any tips to make this sea look more realistic, feel free to tell me! I'm looking to get a really realistic ocean shader! 


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