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Issues opening old (H13) file in latest Houdini issues?

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I've opened Houdini 8 and I believe even older files on current releases, so generally you'll be fine. There are always caveats though - the more complex the scene and the more it utilizes very actively developed areas of Houdini (RBD, fluids, particles, etc.), the more likely you are to run into issues. One issue that's pretty common is seeing "Skipping parameter [x]" warnings when you load the scene, which basically means that parameter does not exist or has been renamed in the version of Houdini you are opening the scene in. It's good practice to take a minute and read through these as it can help you sort things out if you end up having to do some cleanup on your scene to get it up an running. 

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Thanks John, good to now this, its a flip fluid sim setup in H13.5 and will be opened again in 15.5,
wouldn't be too much work to redo it but will wait and see

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