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Changing Uniform Scale in Xform node (Alembic File)

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Im trying to change the scale of my Alembic camera in Houdini. 

I have tried using the null node at object level, but it causes issues when I try to render some ocean. I see that you should be able to change the uniform scale deep inside the alembic file in xform.

The Uniform Scale is stuck on 1, I cannot edit it (the 1 is inside a yellowish box) which seems to be why I cant change it. 


Any help appreciated, cheers




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you can scale your imported camera by plugging it into a null and scaling the null, you then duplicate the camera, drop fetch and blend nodes and connect it like this:

duplicated camera->blend->fetch

uncheck SX SY SZ on the blend node, check "use parent transform of fetched object" and zero out all transforms on duplicated camera

this way you get translations and rotations of your scaled camera only and wont have render issues due to scaling

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Hi Thanks for the reply,

I've managed to do everything except "zeroing out all transforms". How do I do this?

Also, when you say duplicate, do you mean copy? as in select - ctrl c -ctrl v the camera?

Does the new camera stay connected to my original null node?






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by zeroing out I mean literally setting its translate and rotation values to zero, also you connected the fetch/blend/camera the other way arround

the idea is that fetch node gets the transform values from your imported camera and blend node filters out its scale, then you parent your copied camera which only follows along, reason why you copy it is simply so it has all the camera settings as your imported one

also you dont want your fetch to be connected into the null you scale your imported camera with

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