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particles on surface transition

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I'm trying to control some particles, I need them to travel on a ground, toward an object, then creep up on that object surface, when they reach it.

I've tried a few method (creep, ray, slide on collision ...) but even if I manage to have them slide on an object surface, my problem is how to set up the POP network in order to have them transitioning from one surface to another.

I've cheated with a P.y = 0 in order to have them on the ground with ease, but I'm failing at controlling a nice transition from ground to object.

here is a basic setup, without much, in order to not restrict the different approaches .

Also, I'll replace the particle with a small disk later, so I think I need them (particles) to be oriented properly.

Thanks for any advise and help!



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Check out Sohey's approach to solving insects crawling on the ground then up the sides of obstacles.



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Thanks ! your knowledge of this forum often amaze me ! And that discussion you pointed me to seems very interesting ! I'll check if this approach can deal with deforming object.


thanks! simple and effective. I'll look into it as well.

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