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convert RBD pieces to points with rotation

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I'm trying to convert a bunch of RBD objects in my case a bunch of cubes of a dancing person that has shattered to the ground into particles. I've tried using a for loop SOP and using a fuse node to get a single point and then using a copy SOP but the rotation is off and isn't identical. My plan is to the have the dancer reform using POPs afterwards.


While i'm at it I might as well. My dancer is converted into points with a volume to points SOP but as it;s deforming the points are recreated each frame. My solution and its a pretty shit one was to use a point deform of the point converted dancer and apply the deformation there. Problem is obviously that the cubes no longer stay apart and depending on how radical the dancer is the more the cubes intersect. Is there anyway I can still keep them apart but not create new points for each frame so that when they are converted to RBD they don;t flip out?

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