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FEM Alembic - Angular Velocity not Centered

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Sup guys,

I've just imported an alembic from a client - it's just a static object - and it's already placed a few units up from the ground.

I need to give it some initial angular velocity to make it spin while it falls but, it looks like, the angular veocity is coming from the origin gnomon.


Thx ;)

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I'm not able to publish the original file but I did a very similar setup (attached)

I'm also not in a huge hurry about this (just got a file with the object at the center of the scene, now i can translate it manually) but I would be happy to know how to fix it. 



FEM Alembic - Spin Problem Odforce.rar

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cant really help without the alembic file. but I assume that dops does not know the center of gravity. you could fill out the pivot parameter in the initial state tab with the centroid() expression.

centroid(opinputpath("/obj/sphere_object1/dopimport1", 0),D_X), centroid(opinputpath("/obj/sphere_object1/dopimport1", 0),D_Y), centroid(opinputpath("/obj/sphere_object1/dopimport1", 0),D_Z),


good luck

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