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python link parameters fireback

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when I link some parameters some of the main node get crazy wire messing up the node.


Node A has some parameters link between them. example

nodeA.parm("bla")      and   nodeA.parm("ble")  is set as reference link to nodeA.parm("bla")      nothing crazy one parameter looking at another one in the same node.


now I want to create a new node and link all the parameters to this new node

I want nodeB parameters to look at nodeA, after running the code  witch is a regular stuff just setting parameters,  some of the paramters in nodeA that were just a integer now have an expression poiting to another parameter  =(


should I create something like if its an expression use "setExpression"  if is not an expression use the regular set?


def linkParmsTo(source_node, target_node):
    """ Link the parms of the source node to those of the target node if
        a parameter with the same name exists.
# Produced by:
#       Graham Thompson
#       captainhammy@gmail.com
#       www.captainhammy.com
    for parm_to_link in source_node.parms():
        # Skip folder parms.
        if isinstance(parm_to_link.parmTemplate(), hou.FolderSetParmTemplate):
        parm_to_link_to = target_node.parm(parm_to_link.name())
        # If the target parm exists
        if parm_to_link_to is not None:

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