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XPopMenu for Houdini

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I'm happy to share with you the script plugin XPopMenu !

Initially developed on Softimage by Reinhard Claus, XPopMenu is a popup menu that you can associate to a hotkey to get under the hand a quick and easy customizable set of tools.

  • you can layout your menu using simple method like "addItem", "addTitleItem", "addSeparator" and "addSubMenu"
  • If you want you can add icon for each action item (icons collection come from axialis.com with some custom from Reinhard Claus)
  • As concrete example, I've joined two bonus tools : one to get distance and an other to get angle.

Quick demo :


I Hope you like it !



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Cool, thanks. Is there a possibility to extand it, so that it recognizes the context. For example sop context, points selected. In this case context sensitive menus would be possible.

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Hello @Houdini7,

Yes theoretically it's totally possible. You just need to add a conditionnal "if" bracket on specific menu that follow your mode.

So the only "hard" part is just to determine in python in which mode we are (point, primitive, etc.) .

	if (onPointMode) {
		paramDict = {"uiPath" : demoFolderPath + "getAngle.ui"}
		mySubMenuTool.addItem("Get Angle", demoFolderPath + "getAngle.py", "getAngle", paramDict)


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