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VDB, Attribute Transfer and UVs - Problem

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Hello guys,  i think this is a peculiar problem

I have to "fuse" 2 meshes and VDB looks just perfect for the job.

The 1st mesh is an orange (alembic) and it have some perfect UVs. What I did is a simple vdb setup to combine the 2 meshes + an attribute transfer to get the uvs from the orange but, unfortunatelly, it looks like some of the polygons are still connected in some parts where it shouldn't be.

Does anyone knows a solution for this?

I can't share the original scene so I've recreated it in a simple way. The original one have a face to mix with the orange. 

here's the images + scene file (with abc) in case someone can have a look at it :)



Thx again,

UVs Transfer Problem.rar

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Remi, I'm having problems to export it back as abc with the UVs.

I guess it's hapenning 'cause I don't have the uv vertex attribute anymore but I have no idea on how to get it back.

EDIT: An attribute promote, from points to vertex, worked just fine ;)


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