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Simple Math Problem

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I have a square geometry. 4 units on each side

using the measure sop it calculates :

perimeter = 16 

area= 16

volume = 10.6667 ???????

How is Houdini coming up with this number for the volume. I know it's a square and it does not have a real volume but i'm curious to know how it came up with this number. 



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@logix1390 You have to put down an attribute promote, primitive to detail, with promotion method sum to get the real volume.

If I understand the help file correctly, the ˝volume˝ of each primitive is calculated based on the pyramid It forms between the face of your primitive to the point defined by the ˝center˝ value you give It. So adding the volume of all these pyramids together will give you the real volume of the object.

@konstatin_magnus A grid has no volume, I'm not sure what you are really trying to prove? 

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