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color or texture sequence in Attribute VOP ??

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Hi there, I am attempting my first paid project in Houdini and stressing a little under the deadline.
I cant seem to get a texture file sequence happening inside an attribute VOP as a $CR attribute on the uniform scale of a CopySOP.
It just loads the first texture file in the sequence only, which looks great, but it needs to move through the sequence.
Even though I am using $F3 on the frame count of the tif sequence, whether I use colormap or texture in the vop network.

Is there a solution to this possibly?

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Hi, I'm not sure if this would help. I did a simple setup, running over points to create color based on a texture sequence using Attrib VOP.

In case this doesn't help, any chance you could post a hip file for us to check? :)

H15.5.607 Indie


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