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Seam between two side-by-side volumes with different voxel sizes

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Here is a simplification of my problem:

I have two side-by-side volumes, and one of them has voxels that are twice the size of the other's. Or, another way of wording it – I have two volumes that are the same size, with resolutions e.g. 10x10x10 and 20x20x20.

When I render the image, there is a seam between the two volumes. This seam is not there if the two volumes were have the same voxel size.

How do I remove this seam? Is there something I can do in the shader?



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it seems it  has to do with the volume filter width you find at object level. if you have less voxels in the same amount of space the filter will look more pronounced.

if you try to render a volume box with 3x3x3 voxels and one with 100x100x100 they will look different. play with the volume filter width, set it to zero and see that they will match.

maybe there's a way to have a "world space" measure for filtering somewhere? 


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