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Pyro (Billowy Smoke) Collisions with OBJ Geo

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Im working on a desert scene with a dust cloud blowing over some nice sand dunes geo. No matter what I do the pyro keeps clipping straight through the geo. The weird thing is this did happen with particles.


Heres some of the things I've tried:


Selecting the geo and making it a Static Object,

Selecting the geo and making it a Terrain Object,

Ticking the Use Deforming Geometry box,

Ticking the Create Active Object box,

Unticking the 'Use Volume Based Collision Detection' in the Collisions/RBD Solver tab.

Changing Offset Surface from 0 to 1, 2 or 3.


Im guessing there are some nodes that I will need to work with and connect up in order to produce a better collision but I do not know where to start. 

Any help appreciated, 








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Mate even after reading that link a few times I still cant understand how to make the smoke collide with the geo. 

I dont know if that is all relevant since im not moving objects through the smoke. I created a Source Volume node and merged with the default Source Volume node, changed it to Collision. The smoke stays still and does not move now. 

I had a look at the scene file they included in the link and I still cannot understand it. 

If anyone has the time to produce a very basic scene with smoke colliding with an IMPORTED OBJ objects I'd really appreciate it.


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