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Animation, chops or animated attribute?

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Hi everyone

Currently i'm looking to add an animation to my project, i've got a grid and the points on the grid turn black and then white at random times.

When the point is white it copys a cube.

When the cube is copied onto the point i want an animation to play to bring it into the world as to say. The animation is just the cube moving up in Y by a value of 1.

So in this instance i was thinking CHOPS would come in handy but i have NEVER used CHOPS before and unsure where to start. I was thinking to link the points colour to an attribute and use the attribute to move the cube in Y. Then to smooth the motion i would use a timeshift then a timeblend. I've never used these 2 nodes in this sense before and was wondering what all of you think and if this would work at all? 

I can't have all the cubes stamped onto the grid and kept there as it's too dense and slows Houdini and crashes it :( 

Thanks everyone!

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I am not sure I understand the nature of the animation you wish to do, but if it's simply moving up in you direction, you can just add a simple expression in the translation Y of the object, e.g. abs(sin($FF/period)), where period is how long you want your cube to go from 0 to 1, so if period = 30, then your cube will reach a height of one in 30 Frames. 

Have you tried using particles and forces instead, I don't have lots of experience but I think you could easily have a particle source and a force that moves particles up/down periodically to create your effect (of course you will replace particles with cubes ...)


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