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Hi there,

very new to houdini..

I've got an 'IsoOffset' node, with the output type to 'SDF VOLUME' and the mode as 'Ray Intersect', when test geometry is plugged into it the functions succeeding the 'IsoOffset' (trails, connected points etc) work fine! - but when I plug MoCap data into it they don't work and the node gives no error either.
Is there a button which to needs to tell the ISOOFFSET node that this is moving geometry?

About the MoCap data -  I've tried this setup using both 'Object Merge' into the ISOOFFSET node, and the standard nodes that come with it when you import Filmbox FBX into the ISOFFSET node.

many thanks

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1 hour ago, michael said:

can you post an example file?

Sorted this. It just worked by itself, maybe it was some sort of glitch..
I left the post on here as I couldn't find a delete button.

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