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I was wondering if some of you had a strategy to render high resolution simulations. For exemple, to render a high resolution smoke, can you render at a low resolution multiple times?

Thank you!

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It will take your pyro sim and re simulate it with a higher voxel count

the low res needs to be cached with vel

ctrl click up res container in the shelf somewhere then select your smokeobject in DOPs and hit enter in viewport

theres option in up res solver to run off a file from disk

Its primary use is to up res without changing the general shape of your low res, re timing and using high frequency turbulence for details.

I don't think it's much more (if any) more efficient then running high res from start. But can be in more complicated sims where there is things acting on your vel field ( dop forces ect). Look at clustering in the manual and shelf as its what makes a difference

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