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destroy propeller helicopter

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Help, I need to damage the propeller of a helicopter when crashing into an object, the body of the helicopter does not interest me, but the problem is that eh downloaded dosarchivos forums and none serves me, one is with rbdpincosntrain, and the other bon rbdkeyactive1 but when I turn the latter the helices are flying by the effect of rotation, deputy simple scene of a helicopter passing an item but the helices fall oh oh stay still, urgent help!

sorry for bat English


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Just now, Atom said:

Me pareció que este archivo de ejemplo en el foro, el otro día.



download the two files, but does not work because when hit by the helizes movement shoot out to infinity



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You need to break the problem down into smaller pieces. I see that you mentioned using pin constraint which I think it might not be necessary (i.e. if you need to pin the rotor to the body of the helicopter then maybe it's better just to make that part normal animation, e.g. key-frames or expressions). You need to break the rotor (eg  Voronoi fracture), create glue constraint network, then give it an initial angular speed and let it hit any static objects in the scene. That should work. If you are not sure how to do that you can watch this video https://www.sidefx.com/tutorials/h13-masterclass-bullet/

Hope this helps

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