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Dop network is in play mode error?

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MW_Ocean_v09.hipncHey guys,

I am making an ocean for a uni project and I am trying to create a wake for the boat that will merge with my ocean (Flip sim)

I am trying to select the splash tank tool from the Ocean FX tab while having my boat motion selected so it calculates the movement of the boat. But when I select the splash tank it comes up with an error:

"Error: The current DOP network is in play mode. Disable play mode on active dop network before using shelf tools."

Any ideas? I am also running into the problem that my ocean waves are far smaller when rendering compared to the preview node the wave shelf tool gives you.

I have attached the Houdini file (hipnc) so let me know if you can help. (I have also attached the boat geo)






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Uploaded screenshot of error

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On the DOP Network, the first option is "Playback Simulation". Try to turn this off.


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