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using a noise to distribute effect

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Hi there, 

I hope all is well.  

I'm following  a tutorial by the masters over entagma :)  but would like to change the way the divisions are generated across the surface of the object.  I would like to create a black and white noise map to drive the subdivisions. any help would be amazing :)


Thanks for your time 

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Polyextrude, polybevel, polyexpand2d etc all accept a prim group to tell them what to work on. All you need to do is make that group.


Here I've used a prim vop so that turbulent noise creates a group, fed to a polyexpand2d. I've animated the offset of the noise, so the insets also become animated.



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I asked the guys at Entagma a similar question a few weeks back and they posted a couple of files for me to play with. I used grayscale noise maps to drive subdivisions on these images for example.



Have a scroll down the comments on the subdivisions tutorial of theirs on vimeo and you will see a couple of Dropbox files that they made for me. They may be of some interest to you.

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