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Free Allan McKay training!

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Hey everybody!

So as a member of both Allan McKays' "FX TD Transformation" as well as "Live Action Series" I can personally say that he makes some of the best FX training out there!
Though this is mostly 3Ds Max training, replicating the stuff he makes in Houdini can be a lot of fun.

So he just announced that he'll make a new training series, that will be completely free. And he'll be making the most popular suggestion for the desired effect for the plate he has shot.

By signin' up with the given link, I will be granted some points as well, which would be much appreciated!

Link: http://gift.allanmckay.com/ref/W4336540

Hopefully this is not in violation with any rules, I just wanted to share some great free training.


Also, for those of you who submits an idea, feel free to write it down below. Would be cool to hear what people would like to see happen with the shot! :-)



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