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Help me about Slow motion at Dynamics

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I want to make a scene that bullet pass through glasses(with fracture), fluid sims and other objects.

but, when I make sphere to bullet size, It can't pass through and just bounced off.

1. How can I fix it ?

2. and wanna make it slow which node can I use for it ??


sorry for my poor English and will be pleasure if you help me Thx for read.

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Try adding more mass on the bullet or half the amount on the glass.  Obviously the bullet will need to move at some speed too lots of velocity.

For slowing it down maybe try editing the time scale on the autodop network node perhaps?  That might give some interesting slow motion results.  Turn up the number of substep too in the dopnet possibly.  Fast moving objects will need a good handful of substeps and collisions steps.




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