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Hi again

I had a bit of time to look at this a bit more. I  found it a bit difficult unpicking your code but I think you're perhaps overcomplicating things a little. I've made a file to do roughly  what I think you're trying to do... It probably looks more complex than it is - I've just broken it down into small steps. Most of it doesn't need to happen inside a solver - in fact the only thing that does really is the noiseB_timer that has to be incremented frame by frame - and I think even that you could work out without a solver I think.

I've made some notes in there anyway. There are probably more elegant ways to do it but hopefully it'll give you some pointers.



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Alright, i got everything sorted out, all the concepts have been cleared up for me and the problem solved.
A big thanks to everyone who helped out, this really means a lot

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