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hello all, 

is somebody has solved problem like this, 

when i substepping the simulation into 10 substep on the dopnetwork, then setup the step playback frame into 0.1, then i write the cache with step 0.1,

i got error number sequence. i had try with freeware for batching rename, but still didnt get the patern number because every 10 frame, the lenght of the filename was difference. its okay if the range under 100 framets

but my frame above 3000 fame, its paintfully if i manualy rename the file.

is there anyone ever had solve this case?

thanks all.






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ok, ill try. maybe ill try using $SF too, because my substep sim on 10, and frame setup on step was 0.1.

i will confirm when it finished. but for now im still setuping the other element for completing the FX.

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Like Carlo said, $F# or $SF# (#=3, 4, 5...) will pad numbers with # number of 0's. When reading file you an also use filename.`padzero(#, $F/$SF)`.ext if that helps at all.

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