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Imperfect Voronoi fracture

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I am getting an almost perfect voronoi fractured mesh, but at some points the edges on the outside just dont match up. I need a perect outside shell for further processing, so can this somehow be avoided? I tried with voronoi fracture points and with a scatter on an isooffset, both methods result in this problem. I could somehow fix this in VEX probably but I'd rather get this right in the first place...



voronoi problem.hiplc

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Triangulate non-planar faces using Divide node.


thx, that helped but didn't fix it in all occurances.


Have you tried adjusting the 3D tolerance in the fracture sop?

what do you mean by 3d tolerance?


My approach is now to find nearby points and set them to the same position before applying a clean to remove degenerate prims, but its always a bit of a pain in the ass when you have to find a threshold that works and its not really procedural.

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so if anyone is interested, this is how I fixed it:

attribute wrangle running over detail with this code, ch("epsilon") being a float parameter to control the distance in which near points are searched

int npt = npoints(0);
int moved[];
resize(moved, npt);

for(int i=0; i<npt; i++) {

if(moved[i]) continue;

vector pos = point(0, "P", i);
int pcpts[] = pcfind(0, "P", pos, ch("epsilon"), 100);

vector center = 0;
int count = 0;

int tomove[];
push(tomove, pcpts);
foreach(int pt; pcpts) {
    if(moved[pt]) {
        removevalue(tomove, pt);
    vector posi = point(0, "P", pt);
    center += posi;
    count ++;
foreach(int pt; tomove) {
    moved[pt] = 1;
    setpointattrib(0, "P", pt, center/count);


after that a clean with default settings

edit: changed the clean afterwards to a simple delete -> delete degenerate primitives and set the tolerance smaller than default, bcause default clean removed some small polygpns.

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