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Volume mix cropping density

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I'm Trying to create a smoke cloud loop.

After generating a sim and creating a bgeo sequence. I use 2 time shifts to offset my animation and use a Volume mix to merge one onto the other smoothly.



But for whatever reason the first (and thus last) frame of the result it looks as if one bounding box is cropping the volume..


but if I do a lower resolution of the exact same sim, it's all fine!


I can't figure out why, how to force a certain BB to be used.

help or previous related post would be greatly appreciated.

PS: also attached the hip file.




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HAHAHA, thanks Alexander! I'm actually the one that started the conversation about the looping with Peter.

I'm using his technique for the timeshift, butI had a couple of issues with the blendshape where the position of both sim get jittery.

That's why I was trying to use the VolumeMix SOP and was wondering if anyone had this same problem.

and maybe an easy solution, like "oh you just need to switch X on" or " you forgot to do Z here".

But thank you it is a very good and useful tutorial.

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