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Adding to a Group / GEO_PointList Alternatives?

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I am a beginner who studied HDK. I use VC14(visual studio 15), Houdini 15.5. 

I study many examples in SOP folder and etc... There are two questions.


GA_PointGroup * mygroup;
GEO_Point * ppt;


This Code should be fixed by reference HDK Documents(Geometry Porting Cookbook)


 *Adding To A Group
 *GB Code
 *GA Code
GA_PointGroup * mygroup;
GEO_Point * ppt;


I changed like this. But


still error...

Is There any way?


Second, I have one more question about GEO_PointList

For the Documents,


GB had arrays of pointers to objects. As these objects no longer exist, code using element arrays should likely be re-written to be more efficient. The GA version of element lists return by value (not by reference).

// GB Code
GEO_PointList &pnts = gdp->points();
// GA Code
GEO_PointList  pnts = gdp->points();

But there is no GEO_PointList.. I check it existed 13.0 not 15.0
I traverse 13.0 HDK Documents related GEO_PointList.. It's so difficult to find out the replacements.

I search for Major Changes and HDK Forums, Documents. I cannot find. 
I want use points() function.. OTL

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