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Particles in to 3 groups

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Heya guys!

First post on this great forum. I searched for some time now and I haven't solved it. I might add that I'm very new to Houdini.

The thing i want is to group my particles in to 3 different groups. So that later i can import them in to 3 different Instances.

Appreciate any help given!

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2 hours ago, mestela said:

Here's one way, there's a few other ways that may be more suitable depending on your specific needs. Should point you in the right direction. :)





Thanks! Just what i was after!

I was quite close when i tried earlier. I was about halfway there with the beginning of that VEXexpression, however i didn't know how to build the expression further to prevent particles ending up in two groups.

Need to learn more expressions :) so powerful!

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