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Copy and filter some children from a node to another node

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Hi all, I have just started out learning some Houdini scripting. Currently I am needing some help for extracting wired nodes and copy them into some nodes.

Suppose this is a basic hierarchy:

    |- ...

All the sub_child nodes are already wired to the merge_node. What I had wanted to do is to extract all these sub_child nodes but without extracting their merge node.

Currently I am able to iterate and grab the children content of the some_node by doing a glob wild card command.

# This return me all similar nodes with the naming - some_node1, some_node2
nodes = hou.node('/obj').glob('some_node*')
new_node = hou.node('/obj').createNode('geo', 'new_append_node')
# Get the children contents
for child in nodes:
    hou.node.copyNodesTo(child.children(), new_node)

However, this is also copying the merge nodes from the some_nodes into this new_node, which is something I do not want. How can I filter out the merge nodes then?

I have another question too. For my line for doing the glob, is there any commands that I can implement such that not only am I checking for some_node* but at the same time, making sure they are of a specific node type, eg. if some_node1 is a custom type while some_node2 is of geo type, then it will return me some_node2 as the result if I specify that I want only geo type?

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12 hours ago, fsimerey said:


With name() method, you can get the type of your node:

hou.node('my_node').type().name() will return 'merge' if this node is a merge sop node.

Hi there, I'm afraid I may not have phrase myself correctly.. my bad!

My last question is directed when looking for the some_nodes (I think it will works for the merge node too, will try that out later!)

As my some_nodes is of a custom type, for ease of understanding, say all the some_nodes in my scene are of geo type.
While the glob command I have used, are able to return me the results of some_node1 and some_node2, but is there anyway that I can further improve my code such that it can also check if they are of geo type too and return me that some_node (geo type)?

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Sorry if this isn't what you meant, but once you have the list of nodes you can check them with a loop similar to this:





it will print a list of all nodes that are the same type as the current node


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some_geos = [n for n in hou.node('/obj').glob('some_node*') if n.type().name() == 'geo']

for node in some_geos:
    non_merges = [n for n in node.children() if n.type().name() != 'merge']
    inputs_of_merges = [n.inputs() for n in node.children() if n.type().name() == 'merge']


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