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Integrating cgi model into a live footage (troubleshooting)

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Hi all, 


After a year of studying visual arts and design, I've continue my education through 3D animation and visual effects. I have went through all the basic foundation of being an artist. 

So fast forward 6 months later and 6 months left of this curriculum.  I'm creating a integration demo reel. 

I shot a live footage of a one way street and compositing a cgi car into it. 

What ive done so far is tracked the footage with camera tracker and created a point cloud generated and created a mesh and brought that into the maya. I imported the plate into maya and everything is looking goood until I bring all the files back into nuke and I notice that the cgi is slipping and not staying into place as the plate.  Could anyone introduce me a better method with integration. 

So in conclusion.

cgi model slips in nuke and does not match the plate with point cloud generator  

Thanks for taking your time reading. 


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sorry, i didnt realize that its in the Houdini forum.   can the mods please move this to the correct forums, is there even a Maya and Nuke forum in here?

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