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Playground - Houdini -> VR -> RL

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Hi All, 

I wanted to build a new playset for my daughter in our backyard. but before I do, I decided to use this as an opportunity to try something new out. 

the project will be in done in 3 major steps,

1: Build procedural Playset in Houdini- in a way that I can extract a Cut list from the final project. 

2: Put it in Vr through out the Project as to evaluate and share it with family as the project progresses. This includes the user of Photogrametry and non Houdini applications to get the the playground in the right environment. 

3: Actually build the damn thing in the back yard. 

here is a sketch I'm starting with : 

I will be updating this as I make more progress. 





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Things are going pretty slow, Our newborn does not like to sleep... :-) That being said I've been playing around with some photogrametry and getting the structure into Destinations for VR Playtesting before I do much more work to it. 

My daughter had a chance to see in VR and she was super excited, asked me to lift her slowly so she can pretend climb the wall :-p

now that I got in VR, I am glad I went the houdini route I've already made some changes to the structure based on my dad and I walking through it in VR. He lives in Toronto, Canada. I'm in Seattle. 

Here are some resources I have been looking at : destinations_photogrametry_2.PNG



Houdini stuff I'm pretty familiar with so these are everything but : 

Photogrametry capture : 

I used Reality Capture on steam for converting my photos. took me about 3 tries to get the right ammount of photos for a minimal build. My focus is the playouse so this is as far as I took it. 

This is the most complete tutorial I found on the net, feel free to send me other ones if you see them: 

Steam Destinations workshop tools : 



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So They'ev just added a way to paint in Destinations in VR. this gave me a an opportunity to sketch out some parts I wanted to add. Its crude, but it makes communicating with my dad in toronto much easier when I can just draw for him what I want to or he can tell me what I should change. 


BTW, If there is anyone here who has some ideas on other additions that they think would be fun to the playground, I'm totally open to suggestions. :-)




Extracted my materials list so far. This is though creating a digital asset for the Wood type that tracks a name, w, h, and d. plus a copy number. 

Wood   Length Inches   Quantity
w1x2 x 26 crosspost 8
w4x2 x 25 crosslvl2 21
w4x2 x 31 crosslvl2 18
w4x2 x 37 roofa 2
w4x2 x 41 roofb 2
w4x2 x 68 roofa 2
w4x2 x 92 roofb 2
w4x1 x 25 window_sill 1
w4x2 x 12 swingsup 1
w4x2 x 33 crosspost 3
w4x2 x 37 crosspost 2
w4x2 x 94 crosspost 2
w4x4 x 25 crosspost 4
w4x4 x 31 crosspost 4
w4x4 x 53 crosspost 1
w4x4 x 69 crosspost 4
w4x4 x 148 post 8
w4x4 x 108 swing_support 2
w6x2 x 81 crossbar 2
w6x1 x 8 crossbar 13
w6x1 x 28 wallslvl2 12
w6x1 x 34 wallslvl2 9
w6x1 x 60 lvla_wall 23
w6x1 x 61 wallslvl2 17
w6x1 x 35 slidedeck 6
w6x4 x 144 SwingBeam 1


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Here is the final layout.

I will have rails around the slide platform... I may add that in houdini later but for now I just want to move ahead with building this. 


Constructive criticism is very welcome. 




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just as a hint.

for the stability and long re-ability you could use ground screws what's also good the wood doesn't get in contact with the (wet) earth :

it's in german: https://www.bauhaus.ch/cms/de/ratgeber/anleitungen/garten-freizeit/holzzaun-bauen/




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