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Attribute transfer on connected topology

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I'm creating an attributte to group only the tips of this extrusions ...I used the front group that polyextrude creates to transfer an attribute to the root.. it's working so far buut

the problem is those areas  where the attribute of some tips gets to other nearby tips ... I could put a smaller blend value but still for thos tips that are to near I get this problems,

of course I understand that the attributte transer is just creating a blend radius without any topology consideration...

I was trying to look for some technique to transfer attributte to points that are topological connected, without any luck so far.

any ideas?


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as far as I can see all points in your model are topologicaly connected. so that wouldn't help you really. also, I don't understand the purpose of using attribute transfer here. anyway, if you already have a front face extrusion group, try turning that into an attribute (in wrangle SOP or pointVOP or attribCreate SOP). then blur it enough so nearby points get infected (Smooth SOP) and then create another group out of that (group SOP). and you're done I guess.

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Or you can convert your front group from primitives to points and then create another group from the points using Edge Depth , so it's kinda growing your selection from the tips.

PS. They should add something like "Edge distance" in attribute transfer, one day...

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Hi Sepu!, of course, I attached the hip on the post now .. thanks for the help !  

devpe: yes I guess that could solve the problem,  but I was curious about how to transfer attributes across connected points , I guess that softtransforms does that kind of logic

JDee:  great!  I was thinking on something like that but didn't know how to do it, I'll try that !, thanks!

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