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Any idea of how to achieve this effect? (line following a surface)

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Hey guys,

Anybody knows how can I get this effect? maybe with attribute transfer? I tried doing a plane with 10-1, resample, unroll, then tried to deform the body with ray sop and with attribute transfer with no luck.

Maybe with particles that flows until touchs the surface and then continue?, I also tried doing a bunch of planes with a cookie sop but I get a mess.


I'm also attaching 2 more samples that are similar, I'm more interested in the girl body one, I dont know why but I have the feeling that an attribute transfer may be the way to control at least the face, but im newbie.







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Hi Ezequiel,

you can transfer 3d geometry into a bounding box attribute and then transfer this onto grid lines.

The dot grid example can be made e.g. by using attrib_from_map and a scatter sop.






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Hey @Atom and @konstantin magnus thanks a lot for the samples! 

On @Atom one I did something similar but I think that the way I managed the grid instead of lines was causing not the proper result.

@konstantin magnus great setup, I'm almost new to vex but I get the wrangles, will study it more

Thanks a lot guys! 



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