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Hey Guys,


this is the first visualisation of a project for school. It's a Floating Island which has 4 different areas. A grasland, a sand desert, a swamp area and on top of the mountain an ice land.

The base geometry was made with WorldMachine 2 and also the base textures were made with this tool. After that, the base textures were edited in PS.

All of this data was then imported in Houdini and things like clouds and plants were added. Also the shading, lighting and rendering was done in Houdini with Mantra.


This is my first project in Houdini,

Greetings Chrizzo

Floating Island_Konzept_V1.0_Still_5_edited.png

Floating Island_Konzept_V1.0_Still_6_edited.png

Floating Island_Konzept_V1.0_Still_7_edited.png

Floating Island_Konzept_V1.0_Still_8_edited.png

Floating Island_Konzept_V1.0_Ani_01.mp4

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