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particle system to RBD sim using fractured objects

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Hi - so I have a particle system (from popnet old) of particles basically ramming into their nearest neighbor if their nearest neighbors nearest neighbor is them... and then I have one of the particles being deleted when they're about to collide. Now I want to do an RBD sim of spheres colliding with fractured spheres. So I separated the points into two groups, one for points that are acting as colliders which get spheres copied to them, and another group of points that exist for one frame (right before the collision) that get fractured spheres copied to them. I tried bringing these into a dopnet and making two RBD fractured objects... probably going wrong right about here.. The first RBD fractured object I set as my collider spheres and set it to 'Use Deforming Geometry' and the creation frame to $FSTART. When I watch it alone the animation seems to be working and the collision geo looks good. Then the other RBD fractured object I set to my fractured spheres and set the creation frame to $FF, when I watch this alone it seems to be working too. However when I merge them and plug them into a bullet solver everything goes crazy.

I'm probably missing something simple, but I've been stuck for awhile now so figured I'd finally make my first post on here! The Hip file is attached, thanks in advance!


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