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Hey guys, 

I just wanted to share my point cloud based texture bombing shader with you guys. It's a vex shader (for mantra) that uses a pointcloud to drive texture bombing (stamping/projecting) onto an object. It allows you to seamlessly blend images over any 3d surface with no uv seams pretty quickly and easily, after which you can bake it for use with other render engines or a game engine.

I've made it free for indie use (the otls were made with indie) on my site here: 

http://fx-td.com/?page_id=544   Detailed description, quick start guide, and example images are on the page linked. I do hope to make the time to record a video for it soon after h16 comes out (still need to test it in 16, but I don't anticipate any issues).  Hope you find it useful! :D


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