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multiple copies of animated geo across non-sphere surface

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hi all i've got a query here... basically i have a simple setup with a box that animates out - i'm using a lattice sop in combo with a ray sop to deform the box to the ball but maintain its shape and thickness (ray sop on its own just flattens the mesh)

right now it 'works' - but only because the ball is a ball - once that instance goes into the copy sop and is scattered around then it looks fine... but as soon as i try to deform that ball the copied instance doesn't work on other areas of the deformed ball.

ideally i'd like it to be some animated geometry not just a ball - does anyone have any tricks on tackling this please?  scene file attached



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well i managed to suss out a result of sorts...

basically i use a copy sop to put multiple instances of the grid down....


then i use a ray sop to slap those grids down on the mesh... THEN a mountain sop to deform them...

then i use a 2nd copy sop to put down multiple instances of my box and the lattice sop to deform them to the ray'd grids in the previous step...

sop and this is where i'm at right now - the geo deforms here and the boxes move with it and animate too using a stamp function to animate the instances at different times...

i get the feeling i'm missing something here tho - this setup is all node driven and about as smart as i'm capable of lol - i'm waiting for one of you clowns to jump in and wrangle me up or stick down some insane vop that makes me swear, curse and generally give up lol

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To be honest I'm not very clear on what you want to do here, hehe, but this is how I'd setup the base for it - which is pretty similar to your setup.

And you can't use a scatter on a deforming object as it'll recalculate the scatter positions per frame, randomly, so either you gotta do something like I did here, use points from the mesh, or you'd use a scatter but lock the position to the UVs, or you could use POPs with the minpos() setup, which is my favourite. :)


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Cheers mate I'll take a look tomorrow at it. I'm still on 15.5 tho will it open ok?

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Probably not, hehe, but then you have a reason to get your ass out of the wagon and install the last daily build... :D

Also, seeing what you msgd me on twitter, unlikely it will yield much more than general awe on my awesomeness, but it won't help anything... ;)

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