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POP replicate on particle death not working. (fireworks setup)

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I am new to Houdini and learning Houdini 16, currently trying to create my own firework particle setup and my main problem is that I can't get the pop replicate node to spawn particles when the upstream particles dies. I group particles with the rule "ingroup = i@dead;" and have set POP replicate to this group. I've checked the "Reap At Frame End" and particles do indeed register as dead in the spreadsheet. I've asked several Houdini artists and they've not found any reason why it should work so I'm posting the file here in hopes that someone understands what I might be missing!


POP replicate on death test.hipnc

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few things:

- connect your setup to postsolve input (third) of popsolver, not presolve, as what marks particles as dead happens during solve

- make sure popreplicate1 is connected to merge1 after popgroup1, not before, as group needs to be created first

- set impulse activation on popreplicate to 1 to actually generate some particles 

POP replicate on death test_fix.hipnc

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