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fill mocap volume

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Hi all,

I'm working with some mocap meshes that I'm trailing particles over using the 'minpos' technique in POP VOPs.

I'm getting a little stuck though, as when i make trails of the particles, these obviously trail behind the mocap as the keep their birth XYZ coords.

What I'd like to achieve is that the trails adhere to the surface of the body/geo in the same way that the particles do, so i end up with something like 0:24 > 0:26 of the attached video. 

Maybe I need to do something within a sop solver? perhaps dop pop is the completely incorrect way to go?

Any hints or tips greatly appreciated - I've attached my .hip here should anyone have the time to take a look! :)


(hints on filling the volume as-in the video will also be met with rapturous thanks... I'm not even sure where to start with that one.)





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Try this and tell me if that is what you want. You do all your anim on the first frame of the geo, then simply point deform after all your trails are done. 

Btw you helped me learn something as well with your trail sop. I thought you had to always use the add sop after trail to get lines from points but no you can do everything with trail sop. Thanks for that. 

Also I didn't know about the minimum position which is amazing!

Also you should reduce the number of max points that I have in there. Right now it is 100 I believe you can change it to 10 and it is way faster. 

trail following anim.hipnc

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