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E5 2670 x 2 vs Ryzen 1800x What is the best for simulation?

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Hi! i've been learning houdini for few months. 

I have a main computer with i7 6700k , 64g ram, gtx 1060 6g 

I am looking to buy a simulation computer too.


E5 2670  x 2   2.7GHz      16 core 32 threads    

DDR3 ecc ram 64 ~ 128g 



ryzen 1800x  3.6GHz      8 core 16 threads

DDR4 ram 64g  


The prices of both computers are similar.


What is the best?...

I will make a portfolio.





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The dual Xeon machine will be faster and it can accommodate a lot more memory. The downside is it'll require more than twice as much power, this can be quite annoying in a small office or home setting because it'll make the room hotter.

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