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Multi-Container tool working on a farm

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Hi Guys,

I'm trying to get a tool that I created to render on a farm. It's a multi-container sim tool for volumes.  All the tool is, is a ROP Geo node in a subnet that I tell to iterate over a sop output. I give it a min and a max and a current iteration value. This is the Code:

def render():
    node = hou.pwd()
    min = node.evalParm('from')
    max = node.evalParm('max')
    sop = hou.node(node.evalParm('soppath'))
    for n in range(min,max):
        print node.evalParm('current')
        hou.parm(node.path()+ '/sim/execute' ).pressButton()  


It works locally beautifully, but when I submit it to a farm it just sim's the same "current" iteration, over and over not iterating as it does locally. I imagine the farm runs the render command and then once it's finished it runs the entire function again (but I could be wrong) instead of running through the loop. or its just not iterating the current value. Sorry if this is a bit vague. Does anyone have any experience with this stuff I would love a little help.



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