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URGENT! Inflatable man / Fem question

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Hey guys, sorry for the urgent title, got my second Houdini job and I have to do some R&D in the next 4 hours to the client.

They want me to do something like this but in a human body: 



I have an idea on how to do this in Cinema 4D, but don't have much experience in dops at houdini (I guess this will be dops cloth related?


The other reference client gave me is this one, I think is some FEM with constrains in parts like the foots, I might be wrong, if so, how can I add forces to fem? just dig into the autodop and add ie: wind? like popnet works? Then it will a matter of play with stifness and parameters I think



Any help will be highly appreciated, I'll start doing my tests now.


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8 hours ago, cudarsjanis said:

Just saw that I`m exactly 4h too late :D with reply

haha thanks for the link!, I figured out a way to make it work with C4D and a rig with dynamics, thanks man!

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