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Help needed from clueless student

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Hi everyone,

I'm in desperate need of some help. For whatever reason I decided to take an Visual Effects Unit for my final year of Animation at Uni and I am completely stumped. Houdini is a completely new area for me and I have so little time to finish my project I am having trouble even understanding what it is I need to do to achieve my final goal. I am wanting to create a simulation which looks like a massive group of ball pit balls dropping onto the floor (I'm incorporating live action footage to the simulation). I'll attach the file with what I've done so far. I'm still playing around with the amount and lining it up with the footage and stuff but I would really love to make them appear more bouncy and also any tips on how I should make them look like they're less shiny and more matte like ball pit balls? Do I need to do that when rendering or incorporate it now?

Thank you so much!! Any help would be appreciated!

P.S Anyone who could explain this in pure simpleton terms would be amazing 


Ball Pit Ball Simulation.hipnc

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I am not an expert (still learning myself) but I think your setup is a bit wrong.

I fixed it using a copy sop, to copy the spheres on the points and an assemble sop to create the packed geometries.

I just added the ground plane and not the other grids you had. In order to control the bounciness of the balls, try to play with the "bounce" parameter in the Physical tab of the ground plane and the rbd packed object.


Ball Pit Ball Simulation_packed.hipnc

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