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Stick points to geo with VEX/VOPS (XYZ Dist and Prim UV)

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Hi Everyone,

         Basically what Im trying to do is stick some scattered points on road to a tyre object using XYZ dist and prim uv.

I am having static and moving tyre then I subtract the point position of one with the other to get the difference in the movement and exported that as @d attribute,

Now on the scattered points Im searching the closest primitive of the tyre using XYZdist 

Then I'm extracting the @d from that primitive using primitiveAttribute VOP (primuv) and add it to the @P of the points . So it get the movement of the tyre.

What I get is only the points which are near to the tyre on its initial frame  are getting sticked.

Can some one please give me an Idea how to do this.. I know we can do this easily with POPs Im doing this only to learn more vex.

Thank you in advance. :)


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